When Amir Amiri (Iran) and Anwar Khurshid (Pakistan) played together for the first time it was as if two kindred spirits had met. Sohbat, the mystical conversation between two kindred spirits, is an evocative and innovative duo that uses the boundaries of tradition as a point of reference and through the conversation resolves them
Sohbat- Amir Amiri and Anwar Khurshid – are both accomplished musicians in their own right. Amiri, a classically trained santur player from Iran, made Canada his home more than a decade ago in search of the inner harmony between Persian classical music and western musical traditions. In this he has developed his own melodic and harmonic approach which has resulted in a critically acclaimed body of original compositions. Khurshid, from Pakistan, has made Canada his home for more than 20 years. Because of Anwar’s attention to the nuances of vocal music and his high technical ability, his instrument becomes a voice. Anwar explores the intricate spaces between notes and beats with ease and is fearless in his pursuit of pure music. His music has influences ranging from Indian Classical to Blues and Arabian music.