Moody Amiri

Moody Amiri is a duo made of Amir Amiri (santur) and Richard Moody (viola) who met in Winnipeg (Manitoba) in 2008. Since 2011, Amiri and Moody have created an engaging and distinctive sound, fusing elements of traditional Persian music with jazz, classical, and Indian music. “Safar” is the name of their debut album. For the past two years, they have been focused on writing and perfecting their material.

They have been featured on CBC radio and their album Safar is already received recognition since its release in March 2014. Safar been nominated for the world music album of the year by the Western Canadian Music Awards (WCMA) 2014.

They are scheduled to perform at Place des Arts (Montreal) in November 2014 as part of Montreal’s “Festival du Monde Arabe”. In February they will perform with a multi media support at Cinquième Salle of Place Des Arts. Moody Amiri performed at Aquabooks (Winnipeg), Indigenous Peoples Festival (Winnipeg), Fête de la Musique (Mont-Tremblant), National Music Center (Calgary) and West End Cultural Center (Winnipeg).