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  • The Boy with the Enchanted Hands, Director kim selody
  • Romeo & Juliet -Musician Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Director- Steven Schipper
  • Komagata Maru” (exploration) – Why Not Theatre, Director – Ravi Jain (Toronto)
  • “One Pure Longing: Tahirih’s Search” (consultant), Director – Erika Batdorf (Toronto)
  • “The well” (Musical Director), Director- Alix Sideris (Ottawa)
  • “Helen’s Necklace” (Composer) Urban Curves Theatre – Director, Vanessa Porteous (Calgary)
  • “Helen’s Necklace”(Composer) – Great Canadian Theatre Company, Director – Lise Ann Johnson (Ottawa)
  • “Going Back for Murder”(Composer) – Vertigo Theatre, Director Mark Bellamy (Calgary)
  • “Murder in Green Meadows”(Composer) – Vertigo Theatre, Director – Kevin McKendrick (Calgary)
  • “Bohpal” (Composer) – Theatre Sortie de Secours, Director – Philippe Soldevila(Montreal & Quebec City)
  • “The Odyssey”(Musician, Composer Cathy Nosaty)– Manitoba Theatre for Young People, Director – Kim Selody (Banff, Winnipeg, Ottawa)