Ensemble Sayr

Ensemble Sayr is an ensemble of iraninan musicians formed after meeting between musicians Amir Kushkani and Amir Amiri in Canada . Inspired by the diversity and fluidity of their respective musical influences from Iran, Ensemble Sayr have created an engaging and distinctive sound fusing elements of traditional Persian music with spiritual, folkloric and modern styles. They seek to expand the boundaries of their musical tradition, balancing tradition and innovation and finding that the possibilities are limitless. In the eclectic musical universe of Ensemble Sayr borders are abolished to make way for a bewitching alchemy, a mystical conversation between these kindred-spirit musicians. Drawing on the cultural diversity of their homeland, these virtuosos create a unique fusion combining the refinement of Persian traditional and spiritual music with the rigor of regional and folkloric flights. Ensemble Sayr is an experience-based phenomenon that is an important part of the spiritual journey in the Sufi tradition. The significant title of this musical ensemble, Seyr, literally means both (material) “vision” and (spiritual) “visitation”, resulting from a spiritual trance that is unique to each person’s understanding of themselves and their spirituality. It is an exploratory journey of mystical bliss that presents itself in the veritable form of this combined vision and visitation, and as such it cannot and should not be talked about, for it is only to be experienced. In conclusion, Sufi music is Sufi thought reflected in an aesthetically consequential spiritual and musical dimension, the consummation of which is the paradoxical Sufi idea that true creation only takes place within the annihilation of the self. Such a mystical philosophy has been inspired by and formed within Sufi poetry, as represented by prominent Sufi poets such as Rumi (Molana), Shah Nematollah , Attar and Dr. Nurbaksh.